londons burning

using the nursery rhyme the protagonist tells his beloved audience how he burned all of his poems for his past and present lovers all but one for this one girl whom he loved so dearly until she hurt him just like the rest

londons burning, londons burning,
call the doc, call the doc,
my heart is broken, my heart is broken,
make it stop, make it stop.

I burn these pages,
like i was burning you,
I burn these pages because of you.

I wrote those lines,
all for you, all about you,
now there up in flames,
like my hopes of being with you,

being with you...

Being with you,
was all i cared for,
then you did that, 
just like the rest of those that i burned,
I thought you were different, but you werent,
so I burned you too.

The End

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