Chapter 7 - TravisMature

Where is Gary? I’ve been waiting round his house for over an hour now, and he’s not come in. Luckily, his mum loves me like a second son, and made me comfortable, with a nice noon tea and a couple of biscuits. She may not be eye candy, with her weathered face and large frame, but her heart makes up for this. If Gary is a hospitable and likeable person, you can tell she’s his mentor. She’s taught him all she knows about being a genuine person whilst still being able to have fun, and from the looks of it, Gary still has some more to learn.

The amount of time I’ve spent round there has helped me pick up a couple of lessons for myself, such as modesty, and courtesy. Believe me, I know about them, but applying them is so fucking hard it drives me mental when I try. The Theobold’s Road incident was a classic example of me breaking both the commandments of cool that I knew of. I was defiantly being big-headed when I thought I could get the bike up to top speed in the city, and was far from modest about my embarrassment when I smashed the guy’s window in.

I do this every time I do something I regret, I reflect on it. Why do I do this afterwards, nor before or during? Mind you, even during will be too late, I couldn’t exactly screech to a halt halfway down a road on a shaky Triumph could I? It’d be an even worse dismount. But if it were further up the street, Melanie wouldn’t have seen…

If, if, if. My life’s a whole big fucking if. IF I did this, IF I did that, IF I wasn’t such a failure, IF I was a decent person, IF Melanie actually liked me.

If Melanie actually liked me…

If only…

I found myself back in the real world when Gary burst through his front door, with a ripped jacket and severely grazed skin underneath it.

“We saw your crash from a distance” He said, wincing as he spoke. “When you passed we kept shouting ‘Turn down John Street!’ but you couldn’t hear. The engine you have on that thing is lethal to your ears, man!”

I stood up and moved towards him, and said “Shit, that’s where you all went”

“Yeah. From the scene that was erupting when you came into vision, you looked like you were gonna punch this guy’s face through. We didn’t want to be involved in a street brawl, so didn’t change our route. Sorry man, we should’ve been there with you”

“Nevermind me, how the fuck did you get those massive grazes?”

“Some clever dick in a car pulled out from Roger Street and almost hit me. I swerved, but that didn’t do much good at 50. Fell on me side and tore up the leather”

“And skinned your arm by the look of it!” I added, smiling. Luckily he got the joke. He has no problem with us making jokes at his expense. He joins in a lot as well, which makes it slightly awkward, as you don’t know when to laugh or if he’s being self-derogatory. “Man, you’ve always been the most controlled out of all of us, never seen you fall off before”

“First time for everything, my friend. Hopefully it won’t happen again, to both of us.”

Another well-spoken piece of advice by Gary. He’s a wide spectrum of personalities. One the one hand, he’s very spiritual and looks for omens and how to predict the future, and at the same time lives it up like there’s no tomorrow.

How I admire him. I can see why I haven’t got a girlfriend, but him? He’s the coolest and wisest dude on the planet, why does he seem totally unable to find love? What’s wrong with womankind? I wouldn’t even mind if Melanie rejected me and went out with him. He deserves her more than me, more than anyone in the world for that matter. The perfect man with the perfect woman. A match made in Heaven.

The End

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