"What's your sign?"

He looked up from his book to the overly cheery girl who'd been gabbing on all day about nothing - horoscopes, destiny and so on. She had hair the colour of dry straw that was tied into two plaits reaching her hips. Her clear blue eyes were rimmed with specs that looked too big for her face, like a toddler wearing their grandfather's glasses. Her clothes, although tidy, looked like home-made hand-me-downs - worn denim dungarees with a stretched pink woollen jumper underneath.

A quick glance around the room told him that all of his classmates had accepted the strange new girl and they were waiting expectantly for his answer.

"My what?" He asked, looking back at her.

"Your starsign. Your horoscope." She explained slowly, barely concealing an eye-roll.

He paused thinking back to an old ex-girlfriend who'd ben into this kind of stuff - hence EX-girlfriend.

"Uh, Leo." He told

She cooed happily. "The Lion! Bold and strong with a hot head and a warm heart. What's your name?"


Her eye's widened as she gasped. "Oh my..."

Léon glanced around again quickly and saw that most of the class was still watching them intently. He resisted rolling his eyes at them, simply shaking his head and returning to the battered, old paperback in his lap. I'm not getting involved...he thought, sighing

The End

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