Chirag the Listener

And it was that day when it so happened that Lolo was sunbathing at the edge of the pond in the quiet of the forest. The bushes, shrubs and the trees rustled softly in the light breeze; Bucky croaked once in a while as he gloated at his own reflection in the pond and hopped around rather aimlessly as the sun shone brightly in the springtime.

Lolo's eyes were shut; one can safely say that she was asleep. Everything went still, the breeze disappeared and Bucky sat conspicuously still, his great throat expanding and contracting incessantly. The trees stopped rustling and the silence was deafening. Even the birds seemed to have fallen silent.

Suddenly, there was a rustle at the bottom of the mighty tree that stood near the edge of the pond, and the tree where the bees had so diligently built a hive after much hue and cry. The queen bee fell utterly exhausted directing her subjects and clutched her head before ordering for aspirin; springtime meant stress.

Presently, a furry head popped out from the earth at the bottom of the tree. It was a mole, smitten with dirt. He hadn't seen the face of the sun for months and he scurried forward to greet it. Unfortunately for him, he knocked into Bucky who chose the exact moment to hop across to the other side.

Bucky was confused for a second as to what hit him and then, he was filled with righteous anger. "Croak! Don't you look where you step"

"Chirag," said the visitor "I am a mole..."

"Oh...a mole huh?" Bucky's eyes narrowed dangerously "and what are you doing in these parts?"

Chirag stepped out into the sun, took a huge breath and sighed. The rays of the suns illuminated him and he was filled with amazement and wonder. He felt like he had arrived in a better, brighter world.

He was silent for a minute before he looked around him. "Don't look too fancy these parts...I have been underground for months now...wanted the sun..."

Bucky cocked his eyebrows. "Months? Spring began quite some time ago...what where you doing down there?"

Chirag sighed. "My alarm clock ran out of battery...tell me...what's been going on on the surface?"

"You have nerve to ask me that question? Well, I won't tell you anything until you tell me as to exactly what's been going on underground."

But Chirag was hardly paying any attention to Bucky, he had just noticed that what looked like a shiny rock was actually a turtle.

"How interesting...a well groomed, shiny turtle..." he wondered to himself. He immediately set forward to greet the turtle. Its eyes were shut and he wasn't sure if the turtle was awake. Nevertheless, he extended a greeting "Hello...this is Chirag the mole. How are you doing?"

Lolo took some time before yanking one eye open. "Hullo...Lolo here...wasup?"

"Well...things couldn't have been better," Chirag said, standing erect with his arms wide open and a wide smile on his face, "the bright sunlight...the chirping birds...the aroma of bursting  flowers and dripping honey." 

He took a deep breath. Evidently, he was making efforts to grasp the entire surroundings. "It's perfect time for a picnic!" he finally burst.

"I would love too," said Lolo as she opened both of her eyes and took one step towards the mole placidly. "But that would be too tiresome..."

"No no! I don't want to go anyplace else...I want to stay...right here. This place is perfect...the perfect amount of sun and shade...trees and birds...water and shade..."

"Someone sounds enthusiastic," grunted Bucky from a distance.

"Tell me...Chirag...would you like to hear a story?"

"I would love to! it real or fake?"

Bucky guffawed as he hopped forward. "Don't fall for it Chirag. Once this dame starts telling a story...she wouldn't stop for days...stories of her so called adventures. Bah! How can a turtle be adventurous?"

"You flatter me Bucky," Lolo said calmly, unperturbed. She looked at Chirag from those long eyelashes. "It's up to you."

"Sure...why not...I have enough time with me...why you can even go on for days. This should be fun! I can't wait to hear your adventures!" 

Bucky whacked his forehead and shook his head grimly. "Here we go again..."

The End

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