Lolo the Turtle

Spin-off of the rabbit and the turtle, and the Wind in the Willows

The light breeze created ripples in the pond on a bright day. It lay peacefully in the middle of the forest, oblivious to the rest of the world. Bees hummed around the trees near the edge, the flower buds were bursting and it was pouring honey. Spring had arrived.

The pond was rather clean and untouched, not many animals strayed around that part of the forest. One could hear a leopard growling as he passed by in the middle of the night, looking for food. Occasionally, a deer or two would poke their head around and take a drink from the pond. Apart from that, the pond lay rather isolated.

Fishes waded through the weeds that grew on the surface. Well, to be honest, the pond wasn't all that clean, considering it had a turtle residing in it. The turtle was none other than the dame (that's what she likes calling herself) Lolo.

Lolo liked sleeping for at least fourteen hours in a twenty-four hour stretch and would often go sunbathing after that for a couple of ours, her shell and its ridges shining bright. She would have a chat with the mole or a fish; that is, if she didn't usually fall asleep during tanning as well. 

Why to turtles have such slow metabolisms? people often wondered. Taking Lolo as an example, they sleep for the most part of their go on to live for a hundred years or two. Who would want a drab existence such as that?

These are the exact question Bucky, the frog often asked. Him and his family, resident of the pond didn't really approve of sharing it with Lolo. They were fine with the fishes, the weeds, and moths, but Lolo was too much of a mess, unyielding as she was.

And this spring day was no different than some of the other days for Lolo. To be frank, she hardly payed much attention to the weather. Though, she thought that sun gave her good tan lines, and no matter in what conditions she lived in, she took extra care to groom and cleanse her limbs, her neck foldings and her shell. As to how she did that was a mystery in itself, her olive green shell never failed to shine bright under the sun like a jewel.

One can even state that Lolo was vain, in a quiet, demure sort of way. Never once did she go around shooting caustic remarks like Bucky does, nor did one hear her speak tales of how beautiful she was or the number of turtles that had asked her out (one of them was an Olive Ridley turtle in Goa but she turned him down, she didn't like living in the sea).

However, they say the only inevitable is change. And soon, Lolo's life was to soon change, much to the dismay of Bucky and would change life around the pond.

The End

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