Moi et toi

"I'm not so sure about this girl, she's 2 already. I thought you wanted a little puppy." Said dad "Have a look at those ones." He pointed to a litter of small bouncy puppies, spaniels I think. "But Pop, I want her and she wants me!" I said to dad. "Take her for free, she's worth nothing." Said the lady to me and pops. "I love you already." I whispered in her silky ear.

When we got to the car, my pop's face was burning red with anger. "WHAT IF SHE'S NOT A PEDIGREE!!" he screamed. "Pops, she was free and I love her." I said, calm and quiet. My favorite song came on the radio. Follow your dreams, it's not what it seems in the end oh oh ah ah. I sang along loudly with the window open. Now I would blush like mad if I had to do that but then I was young and happy and just loved singing. "SHUT UP!" pops shouted "YOU SOUND LIKE A CAT BEING STRANGLED!"

That was the end of my singing career.


The End

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