Lollipop: The story of a loving dog

From playing at the beach to bouncing out the window of a car, Lollipop's life is always an adventure!

The first day I saw Lollipop I knew she was right for me. I'm Jesse and I'm 13 years old. My dad was taking me to get a dog of my own. I had never felt so grown-up in my whole life. I was nearly 7 at the time and now I think that's a really cool age. You can have adventures without people making fun of you and you can make up awesome fantasy worlds without hardly realising how awesome they are. Okay, so dad was taking me to get a dog at the local pet store. I had my face pressed up against the window, thinking. I couldn't think of anything but dogs, big ones and small ones, fluffy ones and sleek ones, fat ones and thin ones. If I was someone else I would've been shouting and laughing and grinning, but I'm kinda on the shy side. I am considered clever for my age people say, I don't think so,  I think I have the biggest imagination around.

The car stopped suddenly and my fantasy daydream was interrupted. There were some fairies in a hollow tree I remember, telling me to do something. This daydream still puzzles me, I've always been obsessed with fairies and that dream kinda proves they're real. We got out of the car and dad told me off because my hair looked messy. I blushed, I always make such an effort to do my hair. As we got in I smelt a smell like no other, the pet smell. I smiled and walked calmly towards the dog area. Then I saw a bouncy golden labrador running towards me, she was with a lady working at the shop. "She's not mine, of course." Said the lady "It always seems like she's in a fantasy world." I wanted her immediatley. Suddenly an old sounding song started to play on the radio. Lollipop, lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop! That will be her name I thought and a big grin spread across my face.

The End

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