Dark DaysMature

A street light flickers in the distance, hiding the body below it.

The arms are in strange positions and the legs are all twisted, and the head is missing.

A girl is standing nearby, and she dips her finger in the small pool of blood. No one is around, so she takes her time and smiles whispering a small "thank you" into the quiet night air.

As soon as she see's dawn break,she flees home with her hands dripping of blood and death.


When I wake up the next morning, dry blood stains the sheets, yet I do not smile.

I get up, get dressed, and walk to school not bothering to wash off the blood.

Many people look at me in horror, and I am soon approched by the police.

"Ma'am? can you explain this?"

I look at there eyes and see fear and consern but I choose not to fight them. "I think we need to talk in private."


I'm in an intaragation room at the station, and the blood has been cleaned off.

I tell them everything, making up that I was attacked, instead of being that creepy girl who played in the dead man's blood.

They soon let me go, and when I go home, I laugh. They belived me and its humorous

but only for a moment.

I don't bother go to my bed, and instead sit with my back against the door.

I am alone until suddenly He is here.

He seems angry, and he cuts me up with a knife and throws me into the wall. I do not fight back, because I see what I am becoming. I let him beat and cut me, in hopes he can kill the monster I am slowly turning into.


The moon shines through the window, and someone knocks on my door. I lay on the floor of my apartment, bleeding, but feeling alive.

and somehow, I know the monster inside is gone.

Now I know what I must do to the killer.

I have to make him suffer.

The End

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