Bloody Red Riding HoodMature

When he visits me again, I am awake.

He knows this, yet he doesn't try to kill me, but dresses my cut arm and says he has a story for me.

It's like Litle Red Riding Hood, but this Red isn't so little, and there is no grandmother.

This has the Wolf. who was like all the other wolfs until he killed someone from Reds village. He tried to hide the body, but Red found the body anyway. But she didn't scream or cry, she just stood there. Watching it, as though waiting for something to happen. The Wolf crept out from his hiding place behind some trees, and saw her smile before walking away in silence, seeming as though she was in a trace.

"What happens then?" I ask, I wish to know more, but he smiles and tells me he has to go, so I let him, while I stay awake until dawn.


I don't wake up till noon, making me late for school. but I try and make it look like nothing happened and clean until my arms are going to fall off, and then call the school and make it sound like I caught the flu.

I analize the story he told me, and know that he was telling me of the first time he saw me, when I saw the my first dead body, when I thought he had only visited me.

Remeber that first meeting?

All of it was a dream, because that blood was from me sleep walking. I remember that my feet were cold, as though I had gone out.

I smile at this thought, and hope if I do it again, that I'm awake when it happens.

The End

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