Late Night VisitMature

I wake up in the early morning hour, unsure of why, but I can tell someone is here, so I keep my eyes closed. The intruder brushes his fingers across my cheek and i feel something sliding down my face. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I could have sworn it was blood. Then this person starts talking to me, saying that he [I could tell the voice was male] had just commited a murder, and he wanted to drop by for a visit since it was too early to get me the flowers.

He says the first time he saw me he thought I was death itself. He could tell I liked death, and that told him that we are alike. He may kill people, but I bring death wherever I go.

I hear him leave out my window, and intead of getting up to call the police, I smile a little and fall back to sleep rather satisfied.

I never figured I would get so lucky to meet the killer, it'll make it easier to find him and kill him with ease.


I wasn't sure it was real until I look at myself in the mirror a few hours later. Indeed there is a a trail of blood leading from where he touched me with that trail ending at my collar bone.

I wash up and got back to bed though, because as sick as this may sound, I don't want to forget that moment. It is then when I realize he has left a dying red rose for me on my night stand, and I snap the stem so when I wake up again, it will be dead.

Then I can sleep in peace without the demands of the living.

The End

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