Chapter 1 - SugarMature

Lola is the boss of one of the most powerful crime families in the city. But when two of her best assassins get killed on the job while trying to kill a rival family, she swears revenge.

"Hey dude, you ever ask out that blonde you liked? You know, the one with the big tits. You ask her out?"

"Naw, not yet. I was gonna do it today but I had to go my mom and dad's funeral. Assholes." The man in the black suit took a drag from his cigarette and continued to stare out the window of the parked car. He looked around at the neighborhood and admired it. He has never been in such a high class neighborhood before and since he was born in the ghetto, this was a welcome change. Usually the jobs that he takes take place in the ghetto, but he took this one specifically because it did not.

"Yeah, blame your dead parents for your own lack of confidence. Every day for a month you said you'd ask her out and every day for a month you think of some shitty excuse why you can't do it." Sitting in the passenger seat next to the man in the black suit was the poorly dressed man, wearing only a wife beater and ripped jeans. The poorly dressed man gripped a steak knife in his hand and gently cut his palm hard enough to break skin but light enough so he didn't bleed. "You're just a pussy."

"Go to Hell, man. This shit is harder than it seems." The man in the black suit blew smoke in the other mans face.

The other man coughed. He said "It's a lot easier than our job, though, so you have that going for you. Anyway, why are we still sitting here? We've been here all night. When do we get to do this thing?" 

The man in the black suit pointed at the mansion across the street. "We have to wait until we're absolutely sure that no one else is going in or out of that place. It's been clear for going on 1 hour now, so I say after one more hour of zero activity we can storm the place and do our job."

The poorly dressed man sighed. "Shit. What are we gonna do for another hour. Put on the radio or something, man. And open a window! I'm tired of smelling your damn cigarette smoke. Makes me wanna puke."

The man in the black suit cracked the window. He inhaled deeply. He blew the smoke out. And then his eyes widened as he saw someone exit the mansion across the street. "Dude," he said, hitting the other mans arm. "Someone is coming out of that place."

"Goddammit, we're never going to finish this job. Wait, is he coming over to us?"

Approaching them was a man by the name of Sugar. He casually walked over to the parked car and knocked on the glass. The man in the black suit opened the window all the way and Sugar said "I see you've been sitting here in this same spot for close to 3 hours now. I was wondering if you were ever going to leave."

Both men in the car looked at each other in the kind of way as if to ask "What do I say?". After a few seconds of silence Sugar said "If you drive the car away I can guarantee you both a few more hours of life. But if you do not, then I will be forced to kill you both right now. Which will it be?"

The two men were too shocked to speak, but Sugar didn't realize this. Sugar thought that their silence meant that they'd be taking option number two. But they wouldn't have if Sugar would have given them both a few more moments to react instead of pulling the gun out of his pocket and shooting them both in the face. 

The End

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