Lola ran and ran, as if her she was running for her last chance to breathe air.

It was about 2:30 am. Max had returned from wasting the money she had earned him.

Lola had had enough. From the life of a farm, to the drastic lights of the city, and to loose her dream by becoming a prostitute. She knew she could have done better. But destiny had been cruel, and Max had met her.

She recalled how at  the beginning, he appeared as Prince Charming promising her the moon and stars, if she came away with him. Blindly. and stupidly, she thought it was love. But it was not. He simply wanted her to become another one of his regulars, who at 12 am stood up outside the bar of Don Pedro, at the corner asking men if they wanted a good time.  Her family had tried to contact her, back in the days when she was a janitor, but her pride had kicked in and she didn't respond to them. How she regrets it now.  Despite being alone, homeless, and heart broken, she wouldn't return to them. Max had sworn he would kill them one by one, from her father to her younger brother of 2. Once he had finished that, he said he would make her life a living hell until the day he died.  Lola recalled that he had said the first time she ran away, and stupidly came back.

Now this was the second time, and it was no turning back. She wanted more of life. She had to leave that lifestyle behind. She was not destined to a shit life like this she thought.

"Get out of the way!"

It was too late, she couldn't move. Her legs felt frozen, they didn't move despite what her brain yelled out to them. Lola was stuck in the middle of the street, and that Lincoln Navigator, wasn't stopping any time soon.



A body went flying, then another.

"It's the end" thought Lola, "It's my end."

The End

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