Locked up.

Everyone loved me.
And so did I.
I didn't flaunt it too much though did I baby?
No, not too much at all...
You're being sarcastic again aren't you?
ME?! Never! Okay babe, a little too much, and now look at where we are  I am, hmm...?

Dear Jonah,
I hate not being with you all the time!
Today, some disgusting boy, I think his name is Kale Smith, do you know him? Came up to me and asked me how do I pleasure myself with you inside, but not in "that" way. Eww! He is gross. When you get out next month, will you sort him out so to speak, or should I go speak to Rich? Leamme know shnuccckums. Other than that everything is good. Brought a new bikini the other day. It's real pretty. You'll love it, it says "Tame Me" Across the ass! It's cute. I don't know how often you can like, look through a window through there baby, but it's like, well sunny. Carmel and I are going to the beach tomorrow to soak up some rays and play volly! I miss you so much.
All my love, and naughty kisses and stuff

Holly xxxxxxxx


My dearest H,

I hate thinking of you missing me, it's horrible.
I know a Kyle Smith, not a Kale though, perhaps you just got his name wrong?
I can't wait to get out so I can pleasure you in every way imaginable and then kill that little dweeb. Please don't talk to Rich, ever, about anything. You know what he did princess, and sometimes I think you just say things like that to wind me up.
Tame you? That sounds a bit slutty. Speaking of slutty, where are my pictures you said you were going to take?Hmm?
How is lovely  Carmel? Hope she is keeping you safe and occupied.
Prison is a drag sweetheart, I wish you only knew. We both know it should be you in here. I can't wait to see you on visiting day, are you going to bring Carmel again? I like it when you come with her, because you don't cry. It's good to see you happy. And the guys think I'm garenteed a threesome with you both when I get out! Which is, obviously, AMAZIN'! How are my parents they havent wrote in a while? Are your parents okay with this yet?

Yours faithfully (like I have any other option, haha!)
Jonah x

The End

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