Matt the Elder's Curiosity

Matt sat at his desk, frowning over the piece of paper. The light was slowly fading from the room, but he couldn't be bothered to walk to the light switch. Rubbing his tired eyes, Matt frowned for the umteenth time. Why was he so obsessed with this? He wasn't entirley sure. There was just...something not quite right about this experiment.

He started reading through the note again. It seemed fairly standard; there was a list of side effects to watch out for, the name of the research centre, and a few contact numbers. But Matt could get the niggling feeling out of his head that he was missing something.

Putting the note aside, he glanced down at the short list of ideas he had jotted down. None of them made sense. He screwed up the paper and walked over to the bookshelf, pulling out a couple of hefty volumes and began idly sifting through one of them.

Something caught his eye. There, on the page of an old medical journal he saw...

The End

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