"There you are mate."

"Cheers." said Matt, sipping the pint, eyeing a blonde over by the bar. Ted sat down next to him.

"She's a bit of alright, eh?" said Matt, pointing out the girl.

"Oh come on mate, stop tempting me!" said Ted. "I'm spoken for."

"Yeah, I know. Have you asked her yet?"

"Not yet."

"Yeah, well, when you do, you're gonna need a best man..."

"If she says yes."

"She'll say yes. Where is Esther anyway?"

Ted shrugged. "At some experiment thing. Said she needed the money."

"Wonder what for..." mused Matt, casting a mischivious glance at Ted.

"Oh ha ha ha. She said she try and come anyway. In fact, speak of the devil..."

Esther opened the door, and upon seeing the men, walked over.

The End

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