The cellar door

"Come on! Mum's out, let's go have a look!"

Craig bit his lip, eyeing his younger brother. "I don't know..."

Matt rolled his eyes. "Oh come on!" he said, bounding over the the cupboard and pulling out a bunch of keys. "You're not scared are you?!"

"Of course not!" said Craig, a little too quickly. He was scared. There was something about that cellar, about the quiet insitance in his parents voices as they asked he and Matt never to go down there. It was this insistance that made it all the more enticing for Matt.

"Come on!!" said Matt, even more insistently. He had managed to unlock the door by now, and pushed it open. Before Craig could stop him, Matt had disapeared into the darkness. Reluctantly, Craig followed.

The cellar was pitch black, with a strange musty smell hanging in the air. Craig could hear his brother fumbling around at the bottom, trying to find a light switch.

"Matt, come on. There're nothing down here. Even if there was we can't see it."

"No, hang on, I brought a torch."

A narrow beam of light flickered on. Craig had been wrong, there was stuff in the cellar. Normal stuff like cardboard boxes and old exercise equipment. Certainly nothing that deserved the fearsome reputation the cellar had attained.

"Let's go."

"You are scared!" said Matt, his face hidden in the dark. "I just want to have a look..."

Craig sighed and turned to go back into the kitchen.

"Oh wow! Look at this!"

Craig half turned. "What?"

"It's a - a - "


Matt seemed to be having trouble getting his words out. Craig, alreadey annoyed at his brother's astute observations about his scaredness, was not amused.

"Oh ha ha Matt. Come on, let's just go."

The only reply was a slight whimpering.

"Yeah, really funny. I hope Mum and Dad catch you down here."

There was still no reply.

"Oh, is that the front door I hear?! Better get out Matt!" Craig said. His brother still did not speak.


The End

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