It was a tiring day.

I had to wake up 3 in the morning, to finish the script for our play which was due on the same day. I skipped breakfast, and I didn't even manage to get myself hydrated.

The exams were fast approaching. The teachers had to rush with our lessons and all. Projects were also to be submitted very soon, 'twas a busy day. So busy that an hour actually just seemed to be a minute.

Basketball. We had to train for 180 minutes. A lot of stress, of course a lot of pressure, not including the body pain and cramps.

Mom called me, she won't be able to keep an eye on her store for a short while, meaning I had to do it. There were truckloads of costumers, I could barely read a page from my book.

My books were even taller than me, I had to study that much. Not to add there my girlfriend who kept on calling me every thirty minutes.

I was awake for about 17 hours. Restless. There were only 2 or 3 hours of sleep, but for me, it was the longest one.

I woke up, cheeks swollen, body filled with bruises. The place was nothing familiar to me.

Where was I?

The End

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