A girl called Yōsei Haiteku is in trouble with the governement. She is on the run and the whole world is in lockdown to find her. How will she survive?

I stood next to my car, filling up the petrol. I hate petrol. It's nasty and expensive. I sighed, took out the pump and locked the cap. Looking at the price, I gasped. I knew I would have enough money but wasting more of it on petrol isn't going to help.

As I went into the shop to pay, I picked up a Mars bar and a Lucozade then stood in the queue, watching my car. It came to my turn and I stepped forward. The girl was pretty, looked around 17, blonde hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, eyelashes caked in mascara. I payed and walked off without a word. She didn't seem very social.

I sat in my car, munching my Mars bar. I looked in the mirror to check behind me. I thought I saw something move. A body. Nah, it couldn't have been, I thought. Suddenly a car skidded around the corner and towards me. I threw the remains of the Mars bar out the window in a rush, flicked the ignition and stamped the accelorator. The car flung around the corner onto the road, which was surprisingly quiet. The engine growled as I changed gear.

The car behind me zipped round the corner and was gaining fast. One hand on the wheel, other fumbling around in the glove box. I gripped my gun and stomped the accelarator again. I laughed.

The chase was on.

The End

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