Lochinvyrr: Part Twelve

Caylis threw open the oaken door and stormed across the room, her silent steps making her eerily seem like an angry ghost.

            “Things did not go as planned,” Loki observed to Gillian.

            Gillian smiled. “I will go elsewhere and allow you two to speak alone,” she told him as she vanished into a puff of black smoke.

            “What happened with Acadia?” he asked as Caylis approached him.

            “She disapproves,” she growled. “She is stupid.”

            “She probably also says the same thing about you,” he said with a smile. “What else did you expect? She has been living among weak mortals for seven years. We expected her to resist,” he reminded her.

            She pounded her fists against the wall, shaking the picture frames and mirrors. “I hoped that speaking of the betrothal would anger her enough to change her mind.”

            “Acadia is too soft,” he said gently, pulling her close.

            Caylis leaned her head against his chest, her head tucked under his chin. “I had hoped that we could stand together as a family in the new age.”

            Loki ran his fingers through her thick hair. “You and I can stand as a family,” he told her.

            She smiled. “You are all I have left, Loki,” she whispered. “Hiding from the rest of my family like a hunted animal, and scorned by my sister.”

            “At least you are not a creature they fear,” he said bitterly.

            She leaned back in his embrace and caressed the side of his face, watching with fascination as his skin turned to the milky blue of the frost giants. “You are hardly a monster, Loki. They fear you because the Jotens were once more powerful than the Asgardians. Odin only strives to keep Jotenheim in ruins is because he fears what it used to be.”

            Loki smiled and shook her hand away, his skin resuming its usual tone. “For one as young as you, you possess an old soul that knows more than it should.”

            Caylis tilted her head and smiled. “And that is how I outwit my enemies.”

            He shook his head at her comment. “You could be a queen,” he stated gently.

            “Tell me how I will be Queen of Earth after we bring in the new age,” she prodded. “Regale me with tales of future conquests and palaces.”

            He laughed and wrapped his arms tighter around her, whispering in her ear.

            Gillian sat on the roof, watching them with her mindsight. “So it begins,” she stated as she opened her eyes and watched sun in its track across the sky.

The End

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