A soft breeze blew in across the balcony, dancing in the dark chocolate hair of the regal woman standing there, hands tightly gripping the railing. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. This planet, Vanaheim, was the place she lived, but it was not her home. She and her friend had been forced to flee planet Olympus when they had been banished from the all-female world after helping wrecked survivors. The Amazons were known for their hospitality, just as long as those seeking help were also female.

            After leaving Olympus, the two women had come to a planet similar to their own, Vanaheim, where they were both married to the General of the Army, Rhondor. It was due to her husband’s absence that the dark haired woman was watching the skies.

            “You miss him, also, Gwen,” said a woman with hair as crimson as Gwen’s was dark.

            Gwen sighed. “He is my husband, also, Drew. And while I am not always as open with my emotions as some, I also long for the time when my husband will return home,” she replied dryly. “How are they?” she asked, referring to the two daughters.

            Drew shrugged as she joined her friend. “They are disappointed that their father missed their tenth birthday, but they try to understand that he only missed it because of the war with the dark elves.”

            Gwen shook her head. “If those elves would learn their place, none of this would happen. There would be no families without fathers and sons, rivers would not run with blood, there would be no…”

            Drew laughed. “Words that seem strange coming out of the mouth of an Amazon. Did you forget our warrior days?” she asked with a small smile.

            Gwen shook her head and smiled nostalgicly. “Nay, I could never forget those. But methinks leaving Olympus was for the best. We abandoned fierce warrior ways for children and love. Tis better than bloodshed.”

            Her friend nodded in agreement. “How long do you think this campaign will take?”

            “With the men running it, forever and a day,” Gwen said. “However if our husband let us fight, then the war would have already ended.”

            “Aye, there is nothing as deadly as a bloodthirsty Amazon,” Drew agreed.

            They lapsed into silence for a few moments. As the heavy orange sun slowly sank behind the amaranthine hills, thick clouds began rolling in, heralding foreboding news.

            “There is danger coming,” said a voice that held age beyond its ten years.

            “Caylis, what are you doing? Where’s Cadie?” Gwen asked.

            “Acadia is in her room, making ready to leave,” the child replied. “Father is coming, and death follows closely, nipping at his heels like a hungry wyvern,” she said as her eyes slowly faded from silver to their normal golden green.

            “Caylis, are you sure?” asked Drew, her mother.

            Caylis  nodded. “I saw it,” she said as she ran into her mother’s arms. “It was scary. There was blood everywhere and…”

            A large boom cut her off. All three turned toward the city gates. The dark elven army was coming toward the silver gates, the remnants of the Vanaheim army coming before them.

            “Drew, take Caylis and gather a few necessary things. We have to leave,” Gwen ordered as she watched the battle with wide blue eyes.

            Drew ushered her daughter inside, where she found Acadia, Gwen’s daughter, cowering next to the large leather chair.

            “Cadie, we have to go,” Drew told her as she helped her to her feet.

            “I’m scared, Auntie Drew,” Cadie whispered.

            “I know, but we have to go. Now! Where are your things?” she asked.

            Adadia pointed to a bag hidden in the shadows of the room. Drew grabbed it and ran into her daughter’s room to also pack a small bag.

            “Cadie, come,” Gwen ordered as she ran into the room, her eyes wild. “The elves will be here soon, we must go!”

            “There’s no way the elves could have done this by themselves,” Drew said quickly as she tossed Acadia’s bag to Gwen. “They’re not that powerful.”

            “They’re not alone,” Gwen said. “The elves are all female and the Amazons are leading them.”

            Drew froze. “What?” she asked, her face ashen and her voice barely above a whisper.

            “Queen Hippolyta is riding in the lead of the charge,” Gwen said with a nod. “They have come for us.”

            “We do not know that,” Drew said as she pulled her daughter close.

            “Why else would she come here?” Vanaheim is as far away from Olympus as Asgard, which she would never attack. So why else would she come here?” Gwen asked.

            Drew remained silent. “We cannot leave together, then,” she said solemnly, drawing herself to her full height. “We must part ways here, and reunite later, after Hippolyta has been calmed. It is the only way for us and our daughters to be safe.”

            Gwen nodded in agreement. “Then here is where we part ways. May we meet again soon,” she intoned solemnly as loud footsteps pounded outside the door. “Farewell.”

            Gwen and Acadia vanished in a flash of bright blue light. Drew cast one final look at the door as it began to splinter beneath the army behind it. As the door caved in, she and Caylis vanished, leaving the room empty.


The End

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