Lizzy's runaway imagination

a normal girl named lizzy that loves to sing, act, and dance

Chapter 1: First Day

Lights. Camera.  Action. The spotlights on me. Everyone is chanting my name. Then the music starts, a familiar beat. After a little bit I notice that it's my song that I wrote! I turn around and face the crowd, I'm already to start singing but this comes out, "Lizzy wake up, hurry up or you won't get any breakfast." Then I realized that my mom said that. In a blank of an eye it all vanishes, the chant dies, there's no more lights on me, the music stops and I open my eyes. "School hurry up!" Why did my mom say that and why was she so happy for school? Well let me back up first.

So I'm in the middle of the best dream ever when I get woken up. I thought it was still summer! After I get out of bed I shuffle over to my calendar and right in front of me is August 30 and in big letters, First Day of Middle School. No way school couldn't start today, i know that I was half-asleep but still it had to be summer. I stood there staring at the calendar rocking back and forth on my heels until i decided to get dressed. I picked out my purple tank, white cardigan, and my favorite pair of jeans. I have brown curly hair so there wasn't much I could do with my hair. A quick brush through and pig-tails would be just fine for me. One quick thing I'm very laid back and casual so you won't see me wearing jewelry, dresses, or skirts. On my way out of my room I almost forgot my book-bag! I quickly went down the hallway to the kitchen . Except when I got there behind the table was a banner that said, " Happy First Day!" Then I noticed the camera in my moms hands and I turned around to run back to my room but an entoxicating wiff of bacon swept over me. Maybe I could stay for a piece of bacon, just maybe.

My mom took my picture and I ran over to the table to eat. actually my mom is a 2nd grade teacher so she's excited to go back to school. Anyway i went over to the table and found bacon, eggs, milk, orange juice, toast, and more! My brothers are such pigs when it comes to eating. Yeah i have three brothers, Jack in 10th grade, Jake the 8th grader, and my little brother Jason whose supposed to be in 5th grade but is in 6th grade with me. But i do love Midnight my black lab and my dad! 

As I sit down all of my brothers leave. I took a shower this morning so it wasn't me. They grabbed their book-bags and their lunches and they were out the door. Then my mom explained that the bus was here. I panicked I wanted some food but I didn't want to miss the bus. If i'm not on the bus my best friends Bex and Wyatt will freak. Earlier when I woke up my mom asked if i needed a ride to school and i said no but now there was no choice. Just then the bus went roaring up the hill. Then I ate my bacon and toast with a gulp of milk to was it down. Needless to say we were on our way to school in no time. This didn't bother my mom because she had to drive to school anyway.

The drive to school felt like torture. No radio, no talking, nothing just silence! Well you know how first days were always go wrong, I had a feeling that's how today was going to go. From missing the bus to this akward ride to school what else could go wrong? When we got closer to the school I checked to see if i had my lunch. I kept searching but I couldn't find it. That's right I didn't even make a lunch. Yeahh my lunch consists of the schools burned up, rubbery pizza with chunks of lettuce. The sharp turn to my new school was coming up. My stomach made a huge flip, "Have a good day sweetheart," said my mom. I slowly twisted my body out into the fresh crisp air, wishing to just stay in the car.

Part of the first chapter enjoy!! More to come :D

The End

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