Chapter 3, part 1 *Darkness

I don't know how many days I have been laying here on this campbed.

The air around me is cold, too cold and my skin prickles with goosepimples. I pull the blankets closer around my corpse.

My sister Faye is asleep next to me, her breath brushes against my cheeks but is not a relieving warmth.

The darkness is too quiet. Too black. Too encompassing. I can't tell if my eyes are open or closed, there isn't any difference.

My sock has slipped half off my foot and I push it fully off with my toes, I can feel the soft fuzziness of the blankets but the cold of it is just too much.

I reach down to put the sock back on and the rustle of the blankets breaks the deadly silence in the shelter.

"Are we still alive?" a hoarse voice echoes into the room.

I comfort Lilac and stand up to get some water.

We're running out surprisingly quickly. I don't know what to do when we do run out.

I feel out for some food and my hand scrapes against the sharp edge of a can. I carefully reach in and my hand touches the strange liquid and lumps inside. I cup a few of the lumps and taste them. Barely un-frozen baked beans and some thin tomato sauce. I feel inside the can and fish out the rest, hardly two mouthfuls.

The hunger rips through my body and I shake in the cold. I hurry back to the bunk, knowing that when my shin hits the rough fabric of the top blanket that I can collapse underneath them.

I think I closed my eyes and felt the comfort of my weary mind return.

As I left the waking world I could hear Lilac talking, saying "Are you sure?".

Honestly I don't know, but I hadn't the strenght to open my mouth.

The End

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