Chapter 1, part 2 *Nuclear Fallout

On The Day, security guards to the station started to disappear, later found dead or severely wounded. The nuclear reactors were sabotaged, the control rods were removed or replaced with more radioactive material, the station was drenched in petrol rations of the protesters, bought rations and those they were allowed by the government – a huge bomb waiting to go off, and the petrol was set alight, the reactor switched on for the last time.

Needless to say, most of Europe was destroyed, plumes of gas and the contained pollution were spilt out, burning oils and ash filled the air and rose up to the atmosphere, blocking the sun from most of the world, radioactive material was ejected all round, the invisible danger emitted over the globe. All of the surrounding area was ablaze until few areas on the main continent weren’t aflame. Rain couldn’t quench the fire and the toxic fumes created acid that killed most of the aquatic life in lakes, and threatened the seas, everyday more creatures washed ashore, radioactive and acidic, unable to be eaten and dangerous to the surviving animals.

Mainland Europe was floored, the entire area looked carpet bombed and no living creature was able to get near. The huge metal dome like a burst spot, the power cables that remained set alight and travelled to further regions that were largely unaffected before and burnt areas the size of towns in their wake. Crops failed under the sun block and animals starved.

The shockwave of the blast sent earthquakes across the globe, triggered volcanoes and tsunamis unparalleled before. It sent a shockwaves so large sky scrapers in New York fell. Islands were engulfed under the massive waves and the super-volcano of Yellowstone Park in America was jolted awake… sending more devastation across the globe and remitting many of the problems. The Earth it seemed – was dying. And the hum of the world fell silent – life as it seemed – stood still.

The End

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