Tragedy Strikes

Emma Dwyer was a simple girl living in London, England. Something truly unfortunate and traumatizing happened, forcing her to leave all she's ever known. She now has moved to NYC, the Big Apple and has to live with her uncle, who has disappeared mysteriously. Little did she know that her world was about to change ... for good.

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The day started out like any other for Emma Dwyer.  She woke up, put on her school uniform, ate breakfast, and headed off to school.  

Everything was perfect.  Her dad had a great job as an inventor for a science company.  She had a decent sized house.  She really couldn't complain about her life.  She had good looks - sandy blond, curly hair and sea green eyes - a great dad, and everything she could possibly ask for.   

Emma lived in London, England.  It was always dark and wet there but it was home to her.  Nothing ever went wrong for her until now.  
Emma was standing in front of her house.  She saw smoke rise up to the sky.  Flames consumed the place where she grew up.  She just stood there and cried.  Tears ran down her face uncontrollably.
"Please! My dad is in there! Please, someone, help!" She screamed.

A police woman walked over to her.  She gently placed a hand on Emma's back.  
"I'm sorry, but we couldn't get your dad out.  The house was already falling apart when we got here.  He's gone."  The woman said.

Emma fell to her knees.  Sobbing and heart broken, she sat there for hours.  It began to rain.  The house was all stubble.  You couldn't tell it was even a house anymore.  Emma was soaked.   Eventually the woman from before took her to the police station.  She stayed there for two whole days.
Emma was taken to an office in the police station.  It was really quiet.  She was all alone in the small room.  She hadn't spoken at all since the fire.  Why did this have to happen?!  

A man entered the room she was in.  He was dressed in a black suit.  He carried a small rectangular briefcase and a black umbrella in his hands.  He sat down on a chair across from her.
"Hello, Miss Dwyer.  My name is Mr. Rhenolds.  I'm here to discuss a matter of business with you.  Since your father was killed in the fire, you will inherit everything he owned.  Unfortunately you may not do that until you have turned 21." He said calmly.

"So, what will I do in the meantime?  I don't have anywhere to go." She asked.

"You have an uncle in New York.  He the closest and most reliable, you will stay with him.  If that is not acceptable, I could try to put you in a good foster home until you're old enough to be on your own.  It's your choice, Miss Dwyer."

Emma considered both options carefully before she answered.  "I'd rather not stay in a foster home.  I've never met my uncle so I might as well go to New York."

"Is that your final decision?"


"Well, then I'm off to do a little paper work. I shall contact your uncle and explain the situation to him.  Good day, Miss Dwyer."

Mr. Rhenolds picked up his briefcase and walked out of the room.                               Emma was left alone once more.

I guess it won't be so bad in New York.  Once I get used to it I'll be fine, right?  Who am I kidding.  I'm going to be living with a complete stranger in a completely different environment!  How could this get any worse?

Exactly three weeks later.....

Emma had just arrived in New York City.  She was riding a subway train to the street where her uncle lived.  It was pitch black in the tunnel.  She was sitting in a seat in the corner of the train.  She watched as so many people got on and off, pushing and shoving each other.  

Emma was wearing her favorite denim skirt with dark purple leggings.  Her top was a pale purple along with light blue pattern in the middle of the shirt.  It was kinda chilly outside, so she wore a white hoodie.

Emma was so nervous about meeting her uncle, she gripped her duffle bag too hard.  It made a weird print on the palm of her hand, but she didn't care.  Her light pink purse she clutched to her side, afraid of losing it.  

The train ride seemed like it lasted forever until her stop finally came.  She got off the train and walked up a few flights of stairs to the street above.  It was really dark out.  The lamps on the street were dim.  Her uncle's house was supposedly right across the street in apartment building 117.  

She gulped and crossed to the other side.  Pulling her duffle bag along.  There weren't very many cars passing by so she easily got to the sidewalk.  

Emma knocked on the door to the apartment building 117.  No answer.  All the lights were out in the whole building.  It looked abandoned.  She tried pushing on the door but it wouldn't open.  She then tried pulling, still wouldn't open.

This was the right address, I'm sure of it.  Where is my uncle?  Did he forget I was coming?  Oh, maybe he has a back door and uses that as his main door.  Most people in England do that so I guess people over here do it too.  

Emma stepped off the porch and looked down an alley to her left.  It was creepy looking.  Barely anything was visible down there except for a small light that showed a door towards the end.  

That's gotta be it!  I can't wait to actually meet him.  Wonder what he's like?
Emma picked her duffle bag back up and started walking down the spooky alleyway.

"Leo, my sensor's picking up a group of Purple Dragons nearby.  Think we should check it out?"  
Donnie looked over at the fearless leader.


 Leonardo was leaning on a wall catching his breath.  Leo and his three brothers had been out since 7:00 P.M. fighting the thugs known as Purple Dragons.  He was exhausted and knew his brothers, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, we're too.  It was only a matter of time before Master Splinter woke up and they would have to return back to their home in the sewers.  He knew they would all be in serious trouble if Master Splinter found out that they snuck out.  

He looked over at Raph and Mikey.  They were holding up pretty good but how long could they last.  They were covered in bruises and cuts, but it didn't stop them from bringing justice to those darn Purple Dragons.  
"Yeah, where are they?" Leo asked.

"Approximately three blocks away.  Not too far."

"Okay, let's move out.  Guys, be careful though.  We are tired and run down.  We must stay alert.  Got it?" With that Leo jumped to the next roof.

Mickey  and Raph jumped at the same time.  Donnie following behind them.

"Hey, Raph?" Mikey asked before hopping across to the next roof.

"What?"  Raph answered.

"You think there'll be a damsel in distress this time?!"      

Raph just rolled his eyes. "Don't count on it, Shell-For-Brains!"

The End

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