No Fight LeftMature

I followed Amara into her house, glaring at the retreating figure of my aunt. 
"Still don't like her I take it" Amara asked suddenly and I shrugged.
"I thought after staying with her constantly for a month I'd like her better but we've had so many fights" I said dejectedly. I really did want to  get on with my aunt, she was my last family member but we've never got on.

We climbed the stairs in silence and entered Amara's room, and I noticed instantly she had redecorated and the pictures of her boyfriend John had gone.
"You split with John?" I asked as we both dropped onto the bed and laid next to each other. 
"He got killed by that thing that was hunting you" She said quietly and I cringed.
"I'm so sorry" I replied and she shrugged but I could see the wetness on her face. John was her first love, and although he hadn't liked me I always thought they would last forever.
"His family decapitated it but he was already... already dead" She choked the words out and I pulled her to my chest and let her sob.

Amara had calmed down enough after about 30 minutes for us to go downstairs and see Erica. Erica was Amara's older sister, someone I admired greatly.

"Rhe, you're back"  She said, her smoky voice intoxicating me as she hugged me and span me around.
"Yep, and still in one piece" I replied as she sat back down and carried on searching on her computer. 
"What are you doing?" Amara asked as she grabbed two mugs from the rack. Both mine and her's guilty pleasure was coffee, especially since Amara's parents had died. We drank coffee and mourned for weeks and we had carried on drinking coffee since then.

"Searching for a new trainer for you" Erica replied, tapping away. I wondered what she meant.
"Trainer?" I queried as I sat down on the sofa next to Erica.
"Training to fight, it's a protection method not to prepare her for battle, I told your aunt to get you some" Erica replied and I groaned.
"She has war fever, she'll take it seriously, no fair Erica, and anyway I have no fight left" I said slapping her arm. Erica grinned before shutting her computer. 
"You need to control your anger or you'll get hurt, we don't need to lose anyone else we love" Amara said as she sat on the armchair, handing my coffee to me.
" I suppose" I said, before snuggling closer to Erica. I felt emotionally drained. Erica picked up on that and hugged me closer, pressing a comforting kiss to the top of my head. 

" I met someone while I was away" I started and instantly grabbed both girl's attention.
"Her name was Monexei, she told me that Humans and creatures live together in harmony, a parallel world but I didn't believe her, I don't know what to think, and she seemed familiar, like I had met her before." I whispered the last part afraid of their reactions, but both shocked me.
"If that's true I would like to try and live that way, this war has claimed too many lives now" Erica spoke first and Amara nodded her head in agreement.
I smiled as I looked at them, my second family who I knew in my heart of hearts would stand by me until the end.
The next day at school was absolute hell. All everyone wanted to do was ask questions and if it hadn't been for Amara I would have lost control. She practically dragged me from the school at the end of the day. But when I got home things were even worse. Shelby was sitting in the lounge and we had a visitor who stood up as I entered. He was tall and had dark hair and smouldering green eyes. I stood in shock as the stranger came towards me shook my hand. 
"My name's Raz, I'm your trainer." 

The End

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