"You're a shifter!"

I drew back further away from the stranger. I knew she was a creature and all that my aunt said came rushing back. Hell, this girl could have been one of my parent’s murderers or my Uncle's. I whined as she came closer, before taking a chance and shifting. 

"Cazzo, who are you" I snarled almost wolf like as I shook my hair out of its tangled mess. I winced as I clenched my hand, the cut that I had abstained in wolf form carried in to my human form, wincing slightly as I had pulled my hand away before it had fully healed.

 "I'm Monexei" she replied calmly and I shifted slightly as pain ran through my arm. 

“You’re a creature, why are you not killing me" I asked, confusion lacing my tone as I sat down heavily on the rock I had been planning to sleep on. She remained standing.

“I don’t believe in the war” Monexei explained, running a hand through her hair as I curled up into a small ball, a form of protection from the fear I felt.
“Everyone believes in the war” I replied, cringing as she sat next to me. I have never liked creatures in close proximity, pacifists or not.

“Not true, I know many who don’t believe, humans and creatures, living in a harmony, almost a parallel world.” Monexei replied, her voice still calm. Now she was annoying me, how could she stay calm?
“Really,” I replied sarcastically, “Have they ever lost anything in this war, maybe that’s why they don’t believe in it, that’s if what you say is true of course” I slammed my hand into the rock and crumbled it to dust.

 “I have lost things in this war” Monexei replied, her cool mask slipping for a second, before she gained a hold on her emotions. I scoffed. 

“I lost EVERYTHING; I have nothing left, except an aunt that doesn’t want me and a whore of a cousin” I shouted, anger coursing through me, changing me. My wolf broke free and I changed, shrinking to my wolf, black fur matted, eyes set on Monexei.

“You don’t believe either, and you know it” Monexei said, and I growled ears flat against my head and hackles raised, but I bottled it and ran leaving Monexei behind. I knew deep down she was right, I had lost too much to care about the outcome of the war. I looked back to see the retreating figure of the person that could have probably saved me from what I was going back to. But everyone believed in the war surely, and for humans and creatures to live together. Never going to happen.

I stilled when I reached the graveyard, finally halting my run. I knew I had to come back here, to mourn properly. I also, unfortunately knew my aunt would find me here, but I suppose at least I would be safe. I had run away before almost in the same circumstances and in the week I had been away I had been attacked 3 times before going home. Although I had a strained relationship with my aunt, she had always kept me safe. Changing back to human form I walked to the graves

 I knelt in front of the graves, a little shaken as I noticed the wreath next to my roses. I ran my fingers over their names, Sam and Scarlett. I missed them that was for sure. The tears fell freely down my face and I remembered my parents, the life I had and how much I wished we never had this war, so I could have them back. I jumped a foot as a hand touched my shoulder and I turned to see Sara.

 “What do you want” I asked her grip still tight on my shoulder. 

“We’re going home, the threats gone, you can go back to your little groupies” she replied, her face distorted in disgust but her features softened slightly when she realised I was crying.
“I miss them too” She said and we walked back to the car arm in arm.

We pulled up at the house I loved so much and I was ecstatic. Amara, my best friend appeared instantly and I jumped out of the car and engulfed her in a hug.
“I missed you” I cried and she just hugged me tighter. We had been on the run for a month and I hadn’t seen Amara or spoken too her in that time either.

 “Thank god you’re back, this place has been so dull” Amara replied and I stepped back from the hug and took in the sight of my best friend. She was about  6 ft 4 now and her hair had been dyed a startling red. She was wearing a crop top and had a belly button piercing, as well as a new tattoo it seemed.

 “Rhea, go and catch up with Amara, I have things to do and I don’t need you in my way” Shelby said as she came back out of the door.  I turned and followed Amara into her house, conveniently next door. My aunt was up to something and I didn’t really want to find out what.



The End

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