I sat silently in the car, ignoring the curses coming from my guardian's mouth as we drove on. Stupid war, it makes everyone go crazy. Even my sweet little cousin, Sara, turned into a hardened soul, all because so bunch of idiots can't get along. Stupid people, Stupid creatures, Stupid war. 

"Shelby, what was that" I asked. My aunt turned her head sharply and just glared at me, causing Sara to laugh.
" Puttana" I muttered. Sara hissed at me but turned away as her mother turned her icy glare on her.
"Rhea, don't call Sara a whore, and I'm not sure all I know is that it's a creature and needs to die" She finished coldly and Sara whooped.

"Why?" I asked and the car screeched to a halt, tyres skidding on the empty highway. Sara hit her head against the seat and cursed loudly. 
"Are you stupid?!?" Shelby yelled and I cowered slightly. Here comes the lecture, just because of War fever, stupid woman.

"They killed your parents, my sister and my husband, we have lost so much and you ask me why we should kill these vile creatures, I honestly thought you knew better than that" Shelby shouted and even Sara cowered at that.

"What if they aren't all the same, I mean us humans aren't" I replied, before realising how stupid I was being. I knew this rule, never question anyone who suffers with 'War Fever'. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

"You really think that" Sara asked from her side of the car and I shrugged. 
"I don't know, it's possible though isn't some humans are different" I tried to explain but neither were hearing what I was saying.
"I just want a way out of this war, if we could co-exist instead of believing everything about the other side is wrong, nobody would have died." I concluded and then sat back, waiting for my aunt to start driving again, how wrong I was. 

"Rhea, if you believe that then leave, get out of this car and go" Shelby said, her word final as she faced forwards, face void of emotion as I sat stock still in the back of the car. I glanced at Sara but she was identical to her mother.

"Fine, but if I die think about what my parents did and why they did it" I said sullenly, clambering out of the car and reaching the trunk, grabbing my stuff before slamming the trunk and kicking out at the car as it sped off, my last family gone for good. I shrank my luggage to pocket size so I could transform, before running in the opposite direction to my aunt, howling quietly.
I shivered as it got cold and I rested my head on the rock I had found to sleep on. Licking at my paw I settled trying to fall into a sleep, but still concious of every noise around me. I was vulnerable again and I didn't like it. I knew it was my fault though. 
Stupid big mouth, stupid aunt, stupid me, stupid war. 
The thorn in my paw shifted as the air grew cold and twigs on the ground snapped in the distance.  

The End

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