Living with FireMature

A war between humans with supernatural powers and creatures is taking place, but what if there was another way. Would you take it, or get revenge for your loss?


The rain spattered and bounced off of the car as we pulled up to the cemetery. Sara huffed and turned away as I got out of the car, carrying two roses. I heard the driver’s door open and shut but I walked on, not wanting my aunt to see me cry. It was a sign of weakness in her eyes.
“Rhea, you have five minutes, we have to hurry” My aunt called, from right behind me, making me jump. I shuddered as the wind blew around the cemetery, howling piteously like a wolf in distress. I walked faster, knowing I didn’t have long to mourn, Shelby was right, we had to leave and quickly.

I stopped short in front of a black marble grave and knelt, studying the oh so familiar inscription. I cleared away the weeds from the grave and ran my fingers over their names. If I hadn’t been so stupid they would have still been here. I bowed my head as my mind took me back to that fateful day eight years ago.



I ran, all four paws flying over the ground in my haste to get home. I had to warn my parents, there was something not right about the men in the forest. My heart pounded as I ran knowing my life was in danger if I didn’t. I skidded to a halt as I reached the back door of our house, changing back into a human.
“Good run dear” my mum asked looking up from her computer.
“No, there were men in the forest, but they didn’t look right” I explained, trying to catch my breath.
A million emotions passed across my mother’s face and her chair went toppling backwards as she stood up.
“Rhea, listen to me, if I tell you to run, you run OK” She said before dashing off upstairs to where my father was. I shuddered as a cold descended on the house, I could hear them now, talking quietly as they approached, enhanced hearing picking up every little crackle of leaves being crunched under feet.  I was frozen to the spot as they got closer and closer.
“Why are we here” One asked and I paled at the harsh, rough voice.
“I don’t know the only order was to torch the place” Another replied, voice less harsh but still chilling.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned into my mother’s embrace, tear streaks dampening her shoulder.
“Be brave, little one, we’ll be ok” My father reasoned but I shook my head. I was the only wolf in the family, the only one with advanced hearing and sight.
“They want us to die” I whispered as I heard the footsteps stop; only hearing heartbeats. Weird, there were only two but at least four men. I heard a crackle and then the smell of burning filled my nostrils.
“Rhea, run and don’t look back” my mother shouted from near the front door, my father was outside and I heard the sound of metallic screeching.
“Come with me” I cried but I knew in one fleeting glance from my mother she couldn’t
“RUN” she yelled and I turned and bolted, the wolf coming free.  I ran and ran, before looking back to see a column of burning smoke. I knew then they were gone.

End of flashback

I felt tears softly trickle down my face as I laid the roses on the ground. Wiping my face on the back of my hand I got up and clung to my aunt, the only family member I had left, but her eye’s were elsewhere.
“Rhea, get to the car” Shelby said pushing Rhea in that direction.
“What” Rhea asked sullenly but then followed her aunt’s eye line and spotted the shadow in the corner. I shuddered, my mind going back again but with a push from my aunt I ran back to the car, my aunt following in a cloud of black, entering the car and driving off at pace. I cringed as the shadow moved, towards the gate of the cemetery but we were away by then, safe for another day.

The End

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