Chapter 4

When I woke up I had a text from Kaylee.


                Daitron Sorry about lat night. We really have to talk. Please call me as soon as you get this.


I was glad that she still wanted to speak to me, because I thought that I could have done something wrong. Maybe gone too far, but I guess I should phone her.


There was an awkward silence as the phone rang.


                “I’m so glad you phoned! I really need to explain.”

                “Okay. What happened last night?”

                “Not over the phone I’ll meet you at the coffee shop in an hour.”

                “Okay I’ll see you there.”


And with that she put the phone down. She sounded really anxious and scared. I just hope that she is okay.


As I got to the coffee shop Kaylee was already sitting at a table waiting for me. She smiled an awkward I’m sorry type of smile. I sat down on the other side of the table. There was a second of silence then she began to speak.


                “Before I explain I just want to know, how did you meet Calib?”

“We were apartment shopping and he was at one of the apartments that we looked at, but it wasn’t available so he offered that we could stay with him?”


I was a bid confused, because she obviously knew Calib and seemed concerned that we were staying in the same place as him.


                “So I take it you don’t know?”


Yet again she bowled me over with a confusing question.


                “Know what?”

                “About Calib. And what he is?”


What the hell was she going on about what could Calib be? I am starting to think that Kaylee might need a trip to the loony bin.


                “He is a vampire Daytron, a very old one at that.”

                “You’re not serious! Don’t tell me that you actually believe in that crap?”


Yes she definitely belonged in the Wacky shack, but the serious look on her face suggested otherwise.


                “So you’re telling me that the guy we are staying with is a blood sucking vampire?”

                “Yes, and he is bad news. I though you would be able to tell because of...”


She stopped speaking in mid sentence looking fumbled, and then she looked away. Why did the think that I could tell that Calib was a vampire?


                “You thought I could tell because of what?”

                “Well I just assumed you would know about it?”

                “Know about what?”


I was getting frustrated. Mainly because of all the bull that Kaylee was going on about, but also that she obviously knew something about me which I didn’t.


                “Well I thought your parents would have told you, but obviously they didn’t.”

                “Kaylee. What the hell are you going on about?”


She had a surprised yet excited look on her face like she had made a great discovery.


“Forget that I said anything about you. For now just be careful around Calib and don’t let him know that you know that he is a vampire.”

“Well thanks for the concerned, but if you think that I actually believe that you are crazy. Vampires are creatures from movies and legends to scare little kids, they don’t exist.”

                “They do exist and Calib is one!”

                “How do you know that?”

                “I know, because he tried to do the same thing as I’m sure he is trying to do with you.”


Now I was just really confused and irritated.


                “And what the hell would that be?”

                “He is going to try to take advantage of you and your powers.”


My powers. Jeez I was as plain as a beige wall.


                “What powers? I’m sure if I had any I would know about them.”

“Well that is the thing you don’t have them yet. I assume that your 19th birthday is coming up right?”

“Yes its next week, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well people like you and your sister get your powers on the day of your 19th birthday.”

“So my sister and I are supposedly going to have powers in a week?”

“Exactly. And before you ask me. I know this because I turned 19 last year, so I know what I’m talking about.”


This was becoming a joke. How gullible did she think I was? I mean really a bit of messing around is okay but taking it to this extreme?


                “I’m not taking it to an extreme Daytron it is the truth!”


What the hell did she just read my mind?


                “Yes I did.”

The End

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