Chapter 2

It took me four hours but I am finally unpacked. Everything is on its place and I’ve already cover my one wall in old records.  I was amazed when Sage said I could have the room with the view, she said she didn’t like it because of some feng shui crap or something.


My room is next to Calib’s room, which bugged me at the first thought of it but I soon got over it.


We’ve been living in NY for a week now and I was having the time of my life. The parties here are way bigger and so much better than my small farm-town home.


To my surprise Calib was actually a good person to know if you want to know where all the fun parts of Lower East side Manhattan is. I still felt like he was hiding something from me, but for now I’ll just go with it.


“Hay Daitron, There is a huge party going down tonight do you want to come?”

I really could use a night out if been working so hard to get everything unpacked. I really did need a break.

                “Yea sure. When should I be ready?”

                “The car will be here at six to pick us up. Oh and would you let you sister know as well?”

                “Okay I’ll do that.”

A car? Gees I don’t get why Calib is living down town he seems to come from money. So why would he chose to live here instead of Manhattan or the Upper East Side. I surely knew that I would.


Sage was out on one of her famous shopping sprees and I knew she wouldn’t be back for a few hours and since it was already three o clock I knew she wouldn’t be back in time to get ready for the party, so I guess I should phone her and let her know. Besides I think I should have gone with her, because I need something new to wear to the party tonight.


                “Hay Day, what’s happening?”

                “Hi Sage where are you now?”

                “I found this really cute boutique not to far from the flat. They have the most awesome stuff you should really come check it out.”

                “Perfect I was just thinking that I need to go shopping for a new outfit for tonight.

                “What’s happening tonight?”

                “Calib invited us to a party. He organized a car to pick us up and everything.”

                “Really! That sounds amazing!”

                “Yea send me the address for the boutique I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

                “Okay see you now.”

Sage can be so enthusiastic about clothes and parties sometimes.




“Sage are you ready? The car is here.”

                “Go!  I’ll be there now.”


This was certainly going to be a high-class event because in from of me stood a white limousine. I immediately felt underdressed, but I felt better when Calib came out in the same casual attire.


The night club was big with a huge neon sign above the double door. There was a queue halfway around the block with eager people that wanted to be part of the party. I really wasn’t in the mood to stand in line for hours.


                “Is this place really worth standing in that huge  line for?”

Calib gave an amused laugh.

                “Well, we don’t have to stand in that huge  line. We’re VIP.”

This really didn’t make cense. Calib was connected with everything and everyone. What was he doing Down town.

                “We’re VIP?! How did you manage that?”

Sage said in an overly excited tone.

                “The owner is a close friend, but enough chit chat lets go in.”


The music was blasting away and the pyrotechnics was state of the art. Calib took us to the VIP section. It seemed like everyone here was supermodels. Their beauty memorized me. It felt like I was in another world. In my overwhelmed state I walked without really thinking and I lost both Calib and my sister and I was now standing in front of a table with someone sitting on the chair on the opposite side. It was like I had been pulled by an unseen force to be here at this exact moment.

The End

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