“Horse shit. I could fucking care less. I’ve made worse enemies then you cowardly asshole.” I fixed the wire and pulled my real glasses on and headed to class, now feeling like a badass but when I stepped into the classroom all the vampires stood and stared at me. Meir spoke, his eyes glowing in the darkness.

“Jun, you’re bleeding.” He held himself back from attacking me which forced all the others from doing so as well. I swore.

“Oh fuck. I’ll take care of that, one second.” I closed the door so the scent wouldn’t bother them as much and headed for the men’s washroom. I heard someone lumbering behind me and turned to find Wayne. He stared at the ground until he felt my eyes on him and he knew I wasn’t moving so he just sighed.

“I’ve been ordered to watch you.” He murmured and I laughed.

“So he even has his fingers wrapped around you too huh?” He snarled before holding himself back and sighed.

“Yeah.” I grinned at him.

“The big bad wolf isn’t as intimidating as before now that I know a few of his secrets.” I grabbed some paper towel and went straight to my feet, knowing that since there was glass all over the floor it must have been that, but when I checked and squeezed and prodded it wasn’t that. Then I remembered where he had been poking and prodding me when I opened my eyes from my slumber and I grumbled. Really? I had to undress again? I started to pull off my shirt and Wayne freaked out.

The End

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