nurse 2Mature

“Here. Sorry about that, you just looked so desperate.” I laughed, but it wasn’t funny to me. I was desperate because as far as I knew these hid who I truly was. I took them and placed them on my eyes when I stopped. Something was wrong. These weren’t my glasses. I took them off my eyes and smashed them into the ground and turned to face the now imposter.

“Where are my glasses?” I asked again, now more of a threat in my tone. Oh, I bet he was one of them now, because as I moved towards him I heard the crunch of glass as he rolled away from me in his chair, then he chuckled.

“Careful Jun, wouldn’t want to get kicked out of the school.” I snorted.

“Don’t even try to pull that card. They kick me out I’ll just grad online. Plus I’m fairly certain Meir would be outraged that they would do something like that to me, along with my parents. Now give me my glasses so we don’t have to talk about this anymore.” I spoke with quiet authority and apparently, it was mouse quiet.

“You don’t scare me Jun, and quite frankly you never have. You may go around saying you know things but I bet you only see the dead, you can only hear the dead and soon you will only be the dead. You have never known anything more than that. The mark you have means they want you and most likely they want you dead. What can a pair of glasses do?” He was taunting me; he wanted me to reveal what they were but hell, not today. Just give me the fucking glasses bitch!

“Sir, the glasses. Now.” I held out my hand and I heard rather then saw him switch another pair of glasses for my own and I threw myself at him, tore the glasses from both sets of hands held behind his back and smashed both against the floor and thankfully in one pair the lenses didn’t break and I breathed a sigh of relief. I turned back to him but he was gone and all I could hear was his laughter.

“You’ve made another enemy Jun, I’d watch your back now.” I spat on the floor. 

The End

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