“No Meir, I have not thought about getting help. Why do you ask? Do you feel I cannot take care of myself? That I cannot control whatever is going on in my body? Why do you ask such a foolish question? It insults me very much that you think I can’t do anything on my own.” He sighed as I turned to leave.

“Jun, that’s not what I’m trying to say! You know that my family helps people, don’t you Jun? We could help you.” I stopped dead in my tracks and my body started to tremble in rage. How dare he insult my blood even further!?

“Meir, I have already told you I will not give you the right to suck my blood, ever, nor will I allow your family to ‘help’ me as you say. I will work this out on my own.” I opened the classroom door and slammed it rather angrily as I left and fixed my collar to my jacket. Damn it Meir, why did you have to be such an asshole sometimes? I will never be your blood bank and don’t ever dare to insult me in such a way again! Suggesting I need help, please. That is just...I slowed down in my angry gate across the school to my next crazy class and then altogether just stopped walking as others moved around me. Would I need help? I shook my head. No, no Mom said she would help me and with her by my side we could figure it out. We could always figure it out. I slowly headed to cooking again but this time I wasn’t as confident as before. When I got to class Meir looked as if I had taken a pipe to him and beat him with it and everyone in the class whispered about it all throughout as we cooked. I can’t even remember what we made but once we were done and it was in the oven and we had cleaned up I just collapsed onto the floor and crouched in the corner of our station. Meir looked around at the others who were now questioning my sanity and finally crouched down with me. 

The End

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