She hung up the phone and I stood there like a mummy, long after the first bell had rung for class and everyone must have been wondering where I had gone off to. I told myself over and over that I couldn’t have a mental breakdown here, I would not allow such creatures to see me in such a way but it got even worse when I thought that I was one of them.

I somehow made my way to my first class and when I pushed the door open I felt like I must have looked like a train wreck. The teacher didn’t ask where I had been, no one said a word as I crossed the classroom to the only empty chair, directly by the window staring over the graveyard. When I sat down with a terrible sigh I almost hoped that the dead would rise simply so that then I could know that there was at least something under my control. But I shook myself and turned back to the dull words leaving my crazy horned teacher’s mouth, trying to put that dark thought away for a worse day. Like the day that demon would find me or something even worse than that. There is always something worse then what is going on right now Jun, remember that.

Meir was staring at me the whole class and when the bell rang he came over to speak to me but I already had my bag on and was heading for my next class.

“Jun, if I may have a word?” I paused simply because he asked nicely.

“Yes Meir?” I turned to face him and he pressed his ice-cold hand against my forehead and closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. I got really freaked out and that was when he pulled away his hand and gave a sigh.

“Well, it doesn’t seem that you are ill anymore but I feel that whatever happened to you is not something that may go away.” He smiled weakly and then looked out at the graveyard before turning to face me again, his pits digging holes into my green irises. “Jun...have you ever thought about asking for help?” I tensed, my whole body now a solid rock. 

The End

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