“Are you alright Jun? How is your head feeling? Your eyes aren’t hurting again are they? You can still see?” That brought more murmuring from the crowd drawing near us, including Wayne. I heaved a heavy sigh as my headache left me alone for now.

“I’ll be fine, nothing I haven’t dealt with before.” I stared at Meir for quite some time before I just shook my head. “You need to stop doing this. Stop over-reacting over little things.” He opened his mouth.

“But Jun, you aren’t-” I was in his face in a split second before I even knew what was happening, it was as if something else had possessed my body.

“Meir you have no right. My blood, my body matters little compared to all the lives around me that can live untainted by what I see and know. You shall never harm them without their permission, understood? You will leave Abby alone; leave her to be with her family, understood?” I swear, Meir grew paler and it was as if I could see the glow from my new eyes against his skin, and that was when I realised what I had done. With a gasp of horror I tore off my glasses and covered my eyes, stumbling through the crowd as I escaped into a bathroom to calm myself down, not even sure if I was in a male one or a female one, but by the screams it sounded like female. I could only apologise so much for it as I slid down the wall and I felt the tears run down my cheeks. I was turning into a monster, into one of them. I decided now was a good time to call Mom. 

The End

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