mind peeping pervertsMature

“As I was never quite human to begin with I do not think it is proper to call us people as it leaves the real people wondering and confused.” I gave him a smile and nodded as I pressed against the door handle.

“That is true, Mr. Principal Sir. Have a good day.” And I left the office on a fairly positive note I would like to think. Though I do feel they said some things behind my back, they have full reason to do so.

When I stepped out into the hall again everything seemed different. In the couple of minutes that I had been in the office practically all the other students had arrived and out of all of them I was the only one not wearing shoes. Swallowing my differences down again I almost forgot I was wearing glasses until I bumped into someone and I almost fell on top of them.

“I am so sorry!” I stammered as I pulled myself up to see that not only were they human as I had suspected but it was Abby. Her eyes widened and she threw her arms around me.

“Jun! Oh thank god, I thought you had been banished or harmed! You aren’t harmed, are you?” Abby threw questions at me before I was even able to breathe. I held a finger against her lips so I could speak.

“I am fine Abby, truly. I am not harmed and Meir has done nothing to me.” I smiled and her face just melted into relaxation.

“That’s wonderful! Mother said that when she left your place yesterday you had somewhere you had to go so I only assumed...” I knew what she assumed, hell, I knew that everyone was listening in on us, just to find out if I truly had gone to Meir’s place yesterday and fuck, let’s just come out with it; I went to Meir’s fucking place yesterday, happy mind-peeping perverts? 

The End

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