“Good. There is still some hope for you after all.” Startled by my somewhat kind response he had nothing to say to me as I prodded away barefoot and into the office where I stood blinking as the secretary switched between two forms; her human form and that of a giant bird.  

“Oh! Good morning Mr. Williams! I didn’t expect to see you at school after the episode that happened yesterday. Did Master Meir speak to you?” I laughed.

“Nothing he would have told me would have made me think differently of him. He may be the next in line for whatever he is in line for but that does not make him better then everyone here.” The bell rang as another member of this wonderful school and staff entered the office.

“Oh, Jun. Bright and early today hmm? So glad that Master Meir didn’t discourage you from enhancing your learning.” I turned to glare at the idiotic Principal.

“Don’t even joke about that. We both know that because of Meir bossing everyone around I’m not even taking classes that I need and quite frankly I could have graduated last year if it wasn’t for my parents insisting that I go to grade 12.” I ranted angrily and he raised his hands.

“There is honestly nothing I can do against him Jun; you of all people should know that.” My face flushed as I remembered yesterday and I cast my eyes down.

“Yes...” I murmured and Principal Raymond stared at me with curiosity.

“Did...something else happen yesterday Jun?” I sighed, hiding it with every ounce of my being.

“Nothing happened Raymond. Honestly. What do you people think?” He laughed as I turned to leave the office. 

The End

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