It felt like as I ran my feet didn’t touch the ground but that didn’t change the feeling that something was breathing down my neck. I had no idea where I was going but I kept running even as I hit the town and started to see houses that I could run to. Instead I ran straight for the school and back into a grave yard where I was potentially in more trouble. When I came to a stop inside the school gates I started to breathe again and my god my lungs hated me right now. That was when I saw our car in the parking lot and the door opened to reveal my Mother smiling with my bag, my glasses and food in her hands. My Mom had to be a goddess of awesomeness. I came towards her with a wide smile.

“You are a saint Mom. Thank you.” She pulled me close and gave me a tight hug.

“I even slipped some of those books that you read in there. I didn’t know which one to choose so I just started at book one and two for a series. I hope that gets you through the day. Oh I looked at your schedule and you have gym afterschool today. Your Father will come to pick you up so today try to make it through a whole day okay? I know it’s hard, this is a new school but your Father and I want to make it work okay?” She gave me one of her sad smiles and I honestly couldn’t resist her. I gave her another hug and nodded.

“Alright Mom, I’ll try.” She put my food into my bag, slid my glasses onto my face even though I don’t think I needed them anymore and slid my bag onto my shoulder without letting me do a thing.

The End

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