running manMature

“Alright. How do I get out of here?” I asked and he stared at me. “Well? I need to get to school don’t I?” He blinked and then checked his watch.

“It’s only 6:30 right now Jun. Going to school now is-”

“Where is the school Meir?” His pits peered into my now bright green eyes before he closed them and gave a sigh.

“If you go that way you’ll find the front door. I’ll call a car up so that they can drive you to school. Walking around this time is dangerous.” I nodded as he pointed to the left and thanked him before turning away and heading in the direction that he had pointed.

When I managed to get outside (his directions were terrible. I ended up having to go through at least 4 doors and meet 2 dead ends) there wasn’t a car in sight. I waited for a couple of minutes before I got fed up and just decided to walk anyway. I mean, what did he know? He couldn’t go walking around at this time; it could just be dangerous to him. As I was walking things started to get a little abnormal. I mean, abnormal for me. I heard a lot of things moving in the forest around me and because I had no shoes on I could feel the ground moving beneath my feet which not only terrified me but made me concerned for other people. Who else had wandered down this road only to be attacked by some creature outside? I heard something snap behind me and just started running down the road, not giving a crap about if it made me look like a wimp; I was going to be a wimp that survived. 

The End

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