I pulled at the bottoms and checked my underwear and flushed. Even they had been changed too. I waddled around the coffin lying practically in the middle of the floor and headed for the door. But when I was about to open the door the coffin flung open and Meir sat up rubbing his eyes.

“Where are you going? You can’t step outside of this room without changing into your school clothes. Come on, come over here.” I slowly moved towards him and Meir reached out for me and pulled me into the coffin with him and closed the lid. “There. Isn’t that better?” We were squished together rather uncomfortably and our whole bodies rubbed against each other in uncomfortable ways and he chuckled. I smacked him and scrambled to get away from him. “Jun, I didn’t know you felt that way about me.” I felt the heat rise to my face and I pushed the lid off of the coffin.

“You pervert!” I climbed out of the coffin and slammed the lid back onto him and rushed over to school uniform lying on the other side of the room and quickly undressed and pulled it on. Then when I turned around I saw Meir rubbing the top of his head and I glared at him as I opened the door and closed it behind me with force. I headed down the hallway in a rage, completely forgetting that I wasn’t wearing shoes. I rushed down the stairs and headed towards the dining room only to have Meir magically show up in front of me and stopped me, placing a hand on my chest.

“You will regret it if you walk into there right now. We can give you some money to buy breakfast at the school.” I gave him a look before I sighed and trudged around him.

The End

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