beating heartMature

Then, when I stopped speaking and all that continued to move were my tears he pressed his hand against my chest, above my beating heart.

“Jun, I could care less about that. As far as I am concerned, you still are human because you have a beating heart right there. You are still alive; you had a chance to be alive. I never will. You may think that I am selfish, I am full of myself and everybody does my bidding because it’s their job. Most of the time it is out of pity and they get upset because although I drink my fill of their blood I will never be able to turn water and other chemicals into blood that helps both of us stay alive. So what if your eyes glow? Everyone hates something about themselves, no matter how much they truly love themselves; there is something dark inside that will always remain.” I stared at him and then I just broke down. I spent the rest of the night crying until I passed out in Meir’s lap like a small child. I hadn’t cried that hard since grade 5 and to be honest, it felt good and scary at the same time.


I knew where I was when I woke up; the problem was when I threw my legs over the side of the bed there was a coffin lying in the middle of the floor so I knew Meir had spent the night with me in my room. In fact, I wasn’t wearing the suit that I had worn last night, I was in pjs and that freaked me out more than anything else because that meant he or someone else had changed me. 

The End

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