loving kissMature

“Jun...” My voice cut through the silence like a knife.

“I’m ugly.” And suddenly tears poured from my eyes. I was so scared, so unsure. I had thought that I was just an abnormal human, I hadn’t even considered that maybe I was something else but this, this was obviously not human. Meir looked as if he had been hit as the first one slid off my face and landed on the floor leaving the first small puddle on the ancient wooden floor that has probably seen a lot worse than salt water. “I thought...I thought I was just...” I reached up to wipe my eyes with the back of my hand and sniffed.

“Human? Normal?” I nodded, trying to stop my face from contorting into not just this ugly, but even more ugly. Meir sighed and suddenly he turned me around and his cold arms wrapped around me tightly as I stood there in shock. “Jun, there is nothing wrong with you.” I shook my head.

“No, Meir, you don’t understand.” I pushed him away from me as I my eyes bled tears of anger and hatred of myself. “I have hated everything supernatural my whole life and now, now look at me! My eyes fucking glow like the legends I read years ago about fairies while laughing thinking that it was ridiculous that anything could glow brighter then animal eyes and here I am, my eyes doing just that! I have studied, examined, understood and loathed everything about them. You have always been who you are Meir, don’t try to comfort me. You don’t understand, you do-” He reached towards me, took my face in his hands and kissed me just to shut me up. 

The End

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