“And? What do you mean by that?” I felt a little dense by asking because of the goddamn gleam in his pits and to be honest it kind of pissed me off how his smile widened.

“Well, Jun, think about where you are. Not many humans are invited here without the intention of becoming dinner themselves. They are obviously going to think that because you have such a history here and that you have powers that have not been seen for quite some time that you are a new candidate for my bride, and to be frank you aren’t the first one to arrive here but you are the first to come to my school.” My jaw dropped and he continued on like he hadn’t seen it. “It could be quite possible you know. I mean, your parents do get along strangely well with my own, my father could be offering to accept you into the family at this very moment, and I wouldn’t disagree with him for once. You are quite interesting Jun.” I jumped up and covered his mouth and for some strange reason his face became illuminated.

“NO!” Meir’s pits widened as the green glow dimmed and I glanced at the mirror hanging over on the wall a few feet away from us. I dropped my hands down to hang by my side before I rushed over and stared in shock as my eyes dimmed and became an unholy bright green. I’m sure that even if the lights were turned off they would project light. Suddenly Meir was beside me as I swallowed the fear growing in my stomach and throat. I wanted to throw up what I had just consumed and Meir gently placed his hand on my shoulder.

The End

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