“No, I would rather you go drink your sustenance over there where I can’t hear or smell you doing so, and I’ll eat at that desk over there so you can’t hear or smell me. It’s fair.” He smiled and his left pit crinkled slightly in a mildly adorable way, but I would not think that of him, ever.

“Alright Mister temper-mental ghost hunter. I will eat over there and you will here and I will stare at you like we are an arguing couple, as that is what everyone will think we are tomorrow.” I stared at him in horror as he waved and walked away.

“W-Wait! You can’t be serious?” He was back in a second.

“I can’t be serious about what?” He asked, the taunt in his voice echoed by the slight smile on his lips.

“You can’t be serious that people will think we’re a couple, right?” He flashed a smile and snapped his fingers. Marsy was there in a second and took his goblet and placed it on her tray and he motioned for my food to be brought over. He quickly grabbed a chair for himself and sat me down.

“It would be better for you to eat as I spoke.” He said as the first dish was uncovered, soup. “Well, Jun, no one knows if you are human or not, not even my family though something has been revealed to us tonight, but not much. You must understand that popular culture doesn’t escape us either and it has been quite some time since a new student or anyone for that matter has arrived at the school. By tomorrow they are going to think you are some vampire hybrid who can walk in the sun because of your deep hatred for everything and how you can speak with other vampires and not be affected.” He smiled and whispered in my ear, “Though we both know that is a massive lie” and I dropped my spoon while he continued with a smirk. “And besides, you are the new handsome young man in the town who comes from a family who has a long standing history in this town, they are going to either think you are back to find something lost here or find a mate, and not just any mate, but...a special one.” I gave him a blank look as Marsy took away the soup and I thanked her as she placed a new dish in front of me. 

The End

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