“W-W-What did you just say? Meir, nothing is going to happen between us, please understand that. I am not interested in it at all.” He gave me a slight smile that made me question what he was thinking as there was a knock on the door.

“Alright Jun, whatever you say.” Marsy came in with a tray of food and I thought she was done but what really happened is that another maid came in and held open the door for the male servant to come in with freaking seven courses of food. My headache had disappeared but now I think it was back after thinking about how I have to eat all that.

“Master Meir?” Marsy offered him the tray she brought and for some reason I could smell what he was drinking and I curled my nose up. Human blood. I know I shouldn’t have expected less but it still bothered me. I slowly pulled the blankets off of my body and then jumped off the bed and raced to the other side of the room only to be caught by Meir in a split second, his one arm stopping me and the other holding his crystal goblet of blood.

“Let go of me Meir! I was trying to get away from you sucking another person’s blood out of a glass, the least you could do is stay on the other side of the room.” He paused in his drinking to lick his lips and smile at me devilishly.

“Oh, are you getting jealous? Would you like me to drink your blood instead?” I paled and stared at him like an animal caught in the headlights and the maid’s tried to hide their laughter by laughing into their hands. I shot them looks before dealing with him. I flung his hand away from me and crossed my arms.

The End

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