“I’ll have you know I share quite a few traits with my Mother.” He smiled sadly for a moment before responding.

“Is that so? I am saddened then, I wish you the best Jun.” He placed his hand on my head and everyone gasped except for me. It felt like the moment in the Lion King when Rafiki places his finger on Simba’s forehead and swipes the juice or whatever across, as if I was just blessed. Finally Meir turned and we headed on our way back to the room from before. The servant we had run into earlier seemed quite shocked to see us walk back.

“Sir, is something the matter?” Meir smiled.

“Ah yes, Jun here isn’t feeling so well so I am going to take him back to his room to let him rest. He will be spending the night here and travelling to school with me in the morning. Could you have a meal sent over to his room?” He nodded, placed his hand over his heart and raced off once again. Meir didn’t speak a single word as we headed back to the room and it wasn’t until I was actually in the bed and he was sitting on the blankets that he said anything, it was after he had been staring at me for quite some time.

“Your eyes have turned quite the shade of green Jun, I hadn’t noticed until your Mother said so.” He reached his hand out and held my face in his palm. I didn’t actually mind him doing so and that in its self bothered me. Then, as if to sooth my mind I saw an old man walk through the wall where I could only assume that there had once been a door. I blinked and Meir turned his head to see where I was staring and nodded. “Oh, that is Gerald. He used to be a servant of ours until he died a century ago. He is quite the nice old gent.” He turned is gaze back to me and smiled slightly. “Though, staring at him isn’t the view I wanted to see tonight now that we are alone.” I freaked out on the inside, my eyes widened and my face drained of colour. 

The End

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