“That genuinely hurt Jun. Why would you say such a horrid thing?” I turned to Mom for help but she was sipping on her water so I did what I usually did, I freaked out. I tried to get out of his arms but Meir decided to threaten me instead. His lips brushed against my ear and I flinched. “Jun, if you don’t stop squirming and cooperating I will kiss you passionately in front of everyone here and it will include tongue and then I will declare you as my bride and no one would be able to stop me, got it?” His threat hit the spot and I threw my arms around his neck, pale as ice.

“Let’s go Meir. I’ll see you tomorrow Mom, Dad.” I gave a slight wave and Mom smiled.

“Please behave Jun; I wouldn’t want to have to hear any horror stories when I pick you up tomorrow, though I can say the same thing for you Meir. You leave my boy alone as well. If he doesn’t want it, you leave him alone. You don’t want to meet the rage of an angry mother, understand young man?” Mom smiled and shivers went down my spine. I never forgot how scary Mom could be. It was like trying to forget that water was wet. I smacked Meir on the shoulder and gave him a stern look before smiling at Mom like everything was fine.

“Don’t worry Mom; if he tries to do anything you can guarantee that I will stop him, no matter what.” Meir’s father laughed and stood up, his dark curls bouncing slightly.

“What a funny child you produced Susan, he has quite the personality. He has very few traits that are yours, are I correct?” I sniffed at his question and held my head up slightly in Meir’s arms.

The End

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