“I don’t know...” He drawled and I knew Dad was stick with me unless Mom went off the deep end.

“Oh come on Bruce, it wouldn’t be too hard. We would know Jun is in good hands at all times and they promised that no harm would come to him while he was here, right?” Mom gave him an innocent glance but I knew that it was truly a serious stab. Meir’s father didn’t even flinch.

“Why of course. You can trust us with your son. We promise no physical harm will come to him by our hands in our house that can be sure.” They both relaxed and suddenly I wasn’t in my chair or on my feet. Everything was at a different angle too.

“Then I will be taking Jun to his room for the night as well as taking care of him, there is no need to worry, I will not harm him either. I promised Father I wouldn’t today, especially if Jun didn’t want me to.” Meir spoke with such determination and I was simply shocked that he dared to pick me up in his arms like I was a girl, and not just a girl, but his girl.

“Meir, what do you think you are doing?” I gave him a glare and for some reason it felt like my eyes were heating up and he smiled.

“Well, walking here was absolutely torturous as you were so slow I thought slugs could move faster than you could. I will carry you there. You should be grateful Jun, not many have an honour as this.” My glare didn’t lessen.

“Put me down Meir. I could care less about the honour you are speaking about; I would rather walk slower than a slug then be carried around by you.” He frowned.

The End

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