“Are you out of your mind? Meir, stop this!” I demanded in hushed tones but he just pushed forward with a smile on his face.

“We don’t need to have children of our blood, I’m sure there are plenty of vampire orphans just waiting for a gay couple like us, and unlike in the human world, no one cares about gender.” I leaned towards him.

“Our parents are here! What are you thinking?!” I demanded again and he smiled before whispering into my ear,

“Jun, until you tell them that you aren’t feeling well and my parents offer for you to stay the night, I will continue to talk about the life we will have someday, completely in front of your parents and if you don’t stop me soon, I’ll get to the sex part because all relationships have se-” I covered his mouth with my hands, face beyond red at this point. Meir’s father whistled.

“I have not seen a colour as bright as that in a long time Jun, it is quite an accomplishment. I assume my son is quite the sweet talker hmm?” His pits twinkled as I tried to calm down.

“No I...I think it might be the fever. I still don’t feel so good. guys could eat here while I go lie down on a sofa or something.” Meir’s father snorted.

“Please Jun, your parents are practically family, we can’t have you sleeping on a sofa! You can rest on a bed and don’t even bother protesting, we have lots of rooms that are never even used. Besides that, it is quite late already, why don’t you spend the night and then you can go to school with Meir in the morning? I don’t think that would be a hassle, now would it? You have all the same classes with him from what I heard from Principal Raymond. Please, it would be an honour to have such a wonderful young man spend the night with us.” I turned to Mom and Dad and Meir’s Father turned his pleading eyes to them. Mom was caving fast but Dad was a little more reluctant. 

The End

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