It came back in spots until it fully turned to colour and I let out a sigh. I covered my eyes with my shaking hands as I tried to grasp what had just happened. The Grimshaws stared at me as Mom and Dad hugged tightly. I knew that they knew what had happened to me thanks to Mom’s outburst and when I looked at them Meir’s father had this look on his face like he expected this to happen. I gave him a rather serious stare as Mom freaked out all over me and Dad watched from a distance and then Meir’s father nodded. He knew that I needed him to tell me what had happened and why it only happened now. The worst part was that now, without my glasses I could clearly tell he was a vampire besides the obvious fact and when I looked at hurt me. I knew there was something going on and she hadn’t told me ever.

“Let’s have dinner, shall we?” I stood up and although my legs were shaky I walked with determination towards the obnoxiously large and long table in this obnoxiously large house and with nerves of steel I sat down and pretended I was comfortable. The others joined me, Meir sitting directly to my left like he was my man or something and he just wouldn’t stop staring at me.

“You are just so attractive.” I nearly choked on the air I was breathing as he stared at me.

“What did you say?” I asked him, prepared for him to deny it because my parents were right there and if I caused a fuss we would both be in trouble. Meir leaned against his hand on the table and sighed.

“Man, I can’t wait to marry you someday.” I flushed and glanced at my parents who were now paying attention.

The End

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